Microfon iPad Air 2


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Microfon iPad Air 2

Do people constantly tell you that you sound distant or muffled when you call them with Facetime? Can people not hear you at all during Facetime calls? Is your iPad Air 2 microphone not functioning properly? Do you want your iPad Air 2 microphone problem fixed today? At MobileFix we offer fast and affordable iPad Air repairs!

Repair Time:
Bring your iPad Air 2 to any MobileFix location and we can usually replace your microphone in just a few hours. If you send your iPad Air 2 using our free courier service, we can replace the microphone and send it back to you the same day it arrives in our service center.

What our service price includes:
Our iPad service price includes the replacement iPad Air 2 dock flex cable, professional installation and a lifetime guarantee.

Replace your iPad Air 2 microphone if:

  • people can’t hear you in a Facetime call
  • your voice is distorted in Facetime calls
  • your voice is ‘crackly’ or muffled in calls
  • your voice is very quiet in calls