Daune provocate de apa iPad Air 2


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Daune provocate de apa iPad Air 2

Did your iPad Air 2 get wet? Spill coffee on it? Did it fall in the sea? A pool? Or even a toilet? Our expert technicians have an extremely high success rate at fixing liquid damaged iPads. If you can get your iPad Air 2 to an MobileFIX location the same day it gets wet, we can fix it in more than 90% of the cases!

Repair Time:
Whether you bring your liquid damaged iPad Air 2 to an MobileFIX service center or send it through courier, it will take from 1-7 days to repair depending on the amount and type of damage the liquid caused.

What our service price includes:
Our service price is €40.65 + VAT if we repair your iPad Air 2 using just an ultrasonic cleaning, hand cleaning and cosmetic repair to the motherboard. If your iPad Air 2 requires chip level repair on the motherboard we will inform you of the additional cost before we proceed with the repair.