Carcasa spate iPad Air 2

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Carcasa spate iPad Air 2

Is the back cover on your iPad Air 2 damaged, scratched or are the buttons falling off because of large cracks on the back cover? Do you want your iPad Air 2 back cover replaced today? At MobileFix we will have your iPad Air 2 back cover looking as good as new in no time!

Repair Time:
Bring your iPad Air 2 to any MobileFix location and we can usually replace your back cover in just a few hours. If you send your iPad Air 2 using our free courier service, we can replace the back housing and send it back to you the next day it arrives in our service center.

What our service price includes:
Our iPad Air 2 service price includes the replacement iPad Air back cover, professional installation and a lifetime guarantee.

You should replace your iPad Air 2 back cover if:

  • your back cover is cracked or broken
  • your back cover is badly scratched
  • you want to change colors of your back cover